Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The walk down to the woods was very squishy and slippery due to the rain earlier in the day, as we walked down the path there was lots of giggling going on as some of the children and teachers found it very slippery. We sat around the fire circle and went over the fire circle rules, talking about why we need to be safe at forest school.

We had ice hanging in the trees and blocks of ice on the floor to investigate, we also had descriptive words hanging in the trees, we encouraged the children to describe the feel and texture of the ice. We had small hammers to break the ice up and talked about what makes the ice melt. Some of the children wanted to use the ice in the mud kitchen; others wanted to look closely at the ice with magnifying glasses.

The rope swing was good fun, it is lovely to put your head back and look up into the canopy, even the teachers enjoy using the rope swing.

We ended the session around the fire circle reflecting on what we enjoyed at forest school and what we would like to do next week.

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