Forest School – 4 December 2017

Mrs Brandle was looking very Christmassy in her Christmas hat and all the children were very excited about having crumpets around the fire.   When the children arrived at the woods we sent them on a hunt for Christmas Crackers, lots of excited giggling was going on and all the children helped each other find a cracker.

Mrs Roberts had the fire going, it looked lovely and kept everyone warm, the children took in turns to toast their crumpets on the fire, remembering the fire circle rules and trying very hard not to burn their crumpets, the butter melted into the crumpets and we all sat around the fire to eat them.

We had The Stickman story around the fire, telling the tale of the Stickman’s journey to get back to his family at Christmas and how Father Christmas helped him, the children joined in re-telling the story, and they then went on a hunt for small sticks to make their own Stickman to take them on an adventure.

This was our last Forest School session in 2017. We will be back to Forest School on Wednesday 10 January 2018. Have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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