Forest School – 29 November 2017

It was very cold at forest school today, we had to wrap up warm with lots of layers, remembering to bring our hat, scarf and gloves to keep us warm.    We had a fire to add some warmth to the woods, the wind was causing a problem and kept putting the fire out but we finally managed to get it going.

We had our new pulley that we purchased with the money that Felix gave the nursery as a leaving gift. We purchased two pulley systems, one for lifting buckets with leaves, twigs and pebbles and a rope runner for our small world toys to be transported across the woodland area. A BIG thank you to Felix and his family for their kind donation.

Some of the children enjoyed playing with the ropes, they love to pull the leaves along using the rope and a small log, others made some cakes from collecting leaves and twigs, it was hard to dig in the dirt as the ground was so hard due to the cold weather. We also played with the new pulley and the small world toys enjoyed a ride on their rope runner. As it was so very cold we decided to go back to the nursery to warm up and have a hot chocolate.

Next week we are going to be reading The Stick Man story by Julia Donaldson and making our own stick men and women to go on an adventure in the woods, we will also be having a fire to toast crumpets on and have some more yummy hot chocolate to keep us warm.

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