Forest School – 24 January 2018

Unfortunately we were unable to go down to the woods today due to the weather, so we decided to go for a walk in the school grounds looking at the trees and talking about the new buds forming on the branches.

By the time a tree’s leaves drop in the autumn, its leaves for the next spring are already formed. Tiny leaves, stems, and sometimes flowers are located in packages called buds. Buds are made of tough scales that form a waterproof case. In the spring sap rises from the roots to the branches; scales fall off the buds; and the tree’s leaves, stems, and flowers unfurl and grow. During the summer, the tree begins to develop new buds for the following year.

We have been talking about different birds and how they survive over winter, why we need to feed them and what foods birds like to eat. We also discussed where they migrate to and why do some birds migrate over the winter months. Some of the children enjoyed making some food for the birds to eat; we mixed together some pastry, soft raisins and some bread to push into fir cones and coconut shells. We also made some holes in apples and pushed raisins inside for the birds to find, we took them outside and from our window we saw a robin come along and try some of our yummy bird food.

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